Instream Now Available – The First & Only All-In-One Multicam Vertical Live Streaming Studio

by Cerise Xu

YoloLiv has introduced yet another new product – Instream, the first and only all-in-one Multicam vertical live streaming studio that is designated for the new generation of content creators, influencers, storytellers, and videographers. 

Entire Instagram&TikTok Live Streaming Studio IN ONE BOX

This 7-inch box is not only the integration of an encoder, switcher, recorder, and monitor, but also a graphic generator, multiview builder, and vertical content creation tool. YoloLiv re-envisions video production with a new standalone solution that features your live streams through Instagram and TikTok, all in a vertical format that sits upright, in the palm of your hand.

Instream packs a full suite of broadcast enhancing features as the current YoloBox lineups. It includes 2 HDMI inputs and 1 USB input and supports Wi-Fi, 4G LTE and Ethernet connections.  Just like the YoloBox, Instream can easily be operated on the touch screen and can be used intuitively like a smartphone. With its compact size, Instream can fit in a backpack easily and gives people the ability to consume their content more and more on mobile and on-the-go. By using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, an 8-core processor, Instream is even more powerful than current YoloBox lineups. It also provides an LCD touchscreen with 600 nits brightness. 

Vertical Video As The New Norm & Default 

In the midst of this video revolution where over 75% are consumed vertically. The traditional 16:9, landscape format is being replaced by 9:16, the vertical format that has fast become the new norm and new default for video creation and consumption. Vertical video is exploding on nearly every social media platform, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram (IGTV), and Snapchat.

Create Better & More Engaging Content Vertically 

Producing live vertical content on these platforms is especially attractive to the New Generation of Content Creators, Influencers, Storytellers & Videographers since followers/subscribers can be notified in real-time when events go live.

Smartphones have been used for creating vertical content, but there are limitations due to just having a single camera angle. While the traditional OBS is way too complicated for most people. With Instream, to create more engaging vertical content, multiple camera angles with live switching, graphic overlays, animated countdown timers, and even more professional features like Picture in Picture, and Chroma Key will surely take your productions to the next level.

Risk-Free Livestream to Instagram and TikTok

It’s worth mentioning that Instream made vertical streaming easy because it allows users to live stream to Instagram and TikTok without the need for computers and OBS. It can be risky to use software like Yellow Duck by giving out your account and password and not mentioning that your account can be suspended by the platform at any time. Instream gives users full protection by not violating these regulations. With Instream, you can be among the first to lead the future of video. 

Wildly Advanced, Yet Brilliantly Simple

  • All-in-One: Encoder, switcher, recorder, monitor
  • Multiple Capture Sources: 2 HDMI In + 1 USB In + SD Card
  • Running on Android OS: No computer / OBS required
  • 3 Ways to Connect: Wifi, 4G LTE, Ethernet
  • Total Touch Screen Control: Operate intuitively as your smartphone
  • Internal Battery: Lasts for 3+ hours
  • Portability and Mobility: Compact size, fits into a backpack
  • Live On The Go: Entire mobile live stream studio in one box vertical streaming to Instagram & TikTok

Join The Vertical Video Revolution With YoloLiv

All the more brands and social media influencers are embracing vertical videos as part of the marketing strategy, the increase in engagement and brand awareness are self-explanatory. Savvy videographers use this streaming to Instagram & TikTok to expand their business proposal to attract and further meet their clients’ needs.

So what does this all mean for you? In simple terms, it means rethinking the way you do videos on social media. It’s time to take a step back from doing what you’ve always done, and consider that your audience is now predominantly browsing vertically. Your videos should match that experience!

As former Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said, “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.”

To learn more about Instream, please visit

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