YoloBox FAQs

As our customers may already know, YoloBox is an Android-based software-driven device. It is evolving and gets more powerful with additional features through updates. The other side of the coin with the software nature, the updates may bring small bugs that are difficult to detect during testing. For most bugs, they could be easily fixed via another update. For urgent bugs that impact users’ main streaming workflow, it could be reduced to a few hours(if not minutes) according to how big the impact is, as we pride ourselves as a live streaming technology company that has the industry’s most responsive and diligent engineering team.

Q1: Why is my battery display showing wrong?

  • Please note that this only happens in a small portion of devices
    • It does not always show the correct remaining battery percentage
    • Users can not turn on YoloBox when it’s charging. (Users have to plug for a while, unplug the charging cable, then turn on YoloBox)
    • When HDMI Output to an external monitor, battery drops really fast

For battery display correction, we have to work with our battery diagram provider(Texas Instrument) to implement the fix, they are based in the US and are currently very slow to respond due to this pandemic. 

Way out of it: A power bank or continuously charging will resolve this.

Q2: My camera can not be recognized by YoloBox.

YoloBox works with most video cameras on the market, particularly well with Sony and Panasonic, JVC. However due to HDCP protocol restriction(High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).

There are very few cameras that might have compatibility issues(not directly recognized by YoloBox or has only lower video quality like 480P or stretched images). In this case, there are a few ways to bypass(workarounds).

For some Canon cameras(for example, R5, R6, 5D4), if you are experiencing a downgrade of video quality or recognition, this is normally due to HDCP’s compliance issue, you can buy an HDMI emulator to get video source recognized and video quality significantly improved. https://amzn.to/3wcFEHc

Firstly the simplest is to purchase an HDMI splitter(https://amzn.to/3z3rrP8). Secondly if you happen to have a switcher like ATEM Mini(that recognizes more devices than YoloBox) , you can use ATEM to recognize the signal first then output to YoloBox. Lastly a great way is via USB input. You’ll need a HDMI-USB converter(See below).

Cameras that are not directly compatible with YoloBox(that we know of so far)

  • Sony FS7(99% of Sony & Panasonic works really well with YoloBox)
  • Nikon P1000
  • Olympus EM1 mk iii

Please also note there are a number of factors that are involved. Not all cameras will produce “Clean Output”. Not all cameras will send the audio signal via the HDMI Port. Some cameras will turn off their screen when you have a device connected to the HDMI Port. Please test first. We’ll also roll out a compatible list soon when it’s more complete. 

The cheap HDMI-USB converter: UGREEN/HDMI Capture Card, Gimama Audio Video Capture Card HDMI to USB2.0;

Q4: There is a green bar in my SD card video?

When your video source is 4k quality, YoloBox will initiatively try to recognize and display it, but due to the compatibility restriction, there might be a green bar in the bottom line of your SD card video source.

Here’s the way out:

https://www.any-video-converter.com/ Use this tool to convert the video with its output at “Apple iphone 6s plus” setting (AAC, 1080). Or another alternative is to convert your video from 1080p to 720p by other video converting tools. Please also note that any video source from your SD card should be 1080p, mp4 format with a H.264 codec.

Q5: Why can’t I get the latest update ?

Every update will be automatically sent to all users, please note to log out your account then log in again, the latest update information will pop up immediately. Second way of getting your device updated: click the profile icon in the right upper corner, then it will automatically show up.

If the update message won’t show up, you can send email to help@yololiv.com/contact@yololiv.com, we will respond shortly.


    1. Hi, Wally~
      Your T-mobile card package should include text, as well as data plan. A sim card for the tablet won’t work for YoloBox/YoloBox Pro.
      Beside that, please test you sim card before inserting it into YoloBox/YoloBox Pro.
      If your problem still exist, please send a direct email to contact@yololiv.com
      Thank you~

    1. Hi, for the charging issue, most of the cases are user errors. Please make sure you’re using the QC3.0(2.0 compatible) charger with 5V=3A output. BTW, please take the right cable for quick charge, you should be using the Type-c to USB-A cable, you can find that in the original box of YoloBox Pro.

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