8 reasons to get the Yolobox Pro instead of Atem Mini Pro

If you are trying to figure out choosing between the Yolobox Pro and the Atem Mini Pro, there is an updated video you must watch. This video is from chungdha, a professional live streamer from Holland, and he listed  8 reasons why the Yolobox Pro would be a better choice rather than Atem Mini Pro.

Built-in monitor 

First, the obvious reason is that YoloBox Pro got a built-in monitor where you can preview cameras connected without occupying the HDMI out port.  With the ATEM mini pro, you would need to buy an external monitor and occupy the HDMI out for the preview.

Internet connection

While both of them do have a network port, the YoloBox Pro has built-in wi-fi and also can make use of 4G sim cards for 4G internet so you can live stream anywhere. But with the ATEM mini pro, you definitely need to make use of an external device to connect to the internet. 

Power supply

With the YoloBox Pro, you have a 10 000 milliamp-hour battery built-in, and you can power it via the USB type c to extend the time using a power bank. ATEM mini pro can be powered via a dc adapter or by a special adapter.

Connecting to streaming platforms

With the YoloBox Pro there is a simple login process to different platforms, and you can stream to multiple platforms quite easily by selecting them. But with the ATEM mini pro it is a bit more of a hassle, it is not a simple setting.

The price

You might have noticed there is a theme going on that you need to buy a lot of things to connect to the ATEM mini pro to make it work properly. Well ATEM mini pro is cheaper than Yolobox Pro, but the things you need to buy in addition do add up quite quickly,  and you can actually get just much more out of your YoloBox Pro.

Software features

YoloBox Pro got a lot of software features built into it,  like lower thirds,  you can also play gifs and also add two different videos,  and also a pdf as a presentation and these you can just add into your live stream and add a more professional feel to it. Well with the ATEM mini pro if you need these features,  you do need to use a laptop with special software.

Customer support

YoloLiv is a very active company on social media, and you can easily contact them on the Facebook group. Also, they listen to their customers and get a lot of feedback that they would improve their product. Well with the Blackmagic side, often I haven’t really seen them being that active talking to the customers and also really haven’t seen much of them really doing that much listening to their customers improving upon their products


YoloBox Pro is an all-in-one device. Fewer things to bring with you to do the same job. With the YBP, I can just bring it and a few camera tripods and also the HDMI cables, and pretty much just set up a live stream anywhere very very fast. But with the Blackmagic  ATEM mini pro, I would need to bring so much more stuff to do the same things.

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